Bike Fixin’s

Cedric, my trusty mount

Last week I ran a campaign through We The Trees, a new permaculture crowdfunding site, to get my bike working in order go on the superhero bike tour on August 10th.

I asked for $111 as an approximate bike fix cost, and raised $265. The total transferred to me was $247.70.


Grind N Gears, Warrensburg, NY

I paid $53.50 to Grind N Gears for a tune-up. Joseph took care of my bike. He was able to check everything out, polish it up, and let me know if I don’t replace my bike tape the salt from my hand sweat would start to corrode the handlebars. Sexy. He also pointed out there was a partial slash in my tire, so hopefully it will be okay to ride on. Turns out he didn’t have the parts I needed to get the other things fixed, as my derailer I had was bent and rusted, and my front brake handle had a bolt that snapped clean off.


Jack fixing Cedric

FORTUNATELY, AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT, the day I started my campaign, I also met an amazing gardener named Jack at the Chestertown Farmer’s Market. Jack has four production garden plots around town, including one behind the ice cream parlor. And his farm is an amazing array of  veggies, chickens, pigs, turkeys, goats, beavers, cattails, and birch trees. While I was visiting I even learned how to milk a Nubian goat.  And he also happened to have a huge store of extra bike parts and the know how to fix my bike. I gave him $60, for parts and labor and being awesome.

Today, I bought new bike tape for $13.50. That brings my total to $127 for a full, ready to go tour bike. Good thing I raised extra! It also leaves $120.70 that I will carry to the superhero ride in Columbiaville. This might help with initial feeding costs of buying things like bulk organic oats, covering heroes who don’t have money for food, and giving money to projects and farms we meet along the way. As I said in the campaign video, I will leave it up to group consensus how the money is spent.


Jack’s Garden

Many times on the ride, people will want to give us money. We say, no, don’t give us your money. Go spend your money on your local farmer’s carrots. Go give your money to your daughter’s school gardening program. Buy yourself some fair trade chocolate. Hand that $5 off to a random stranger, it will make their day. Money is a great tool, when used mindfully can strengthen community bonds.


Pig Loves Goat
Pig Loves Goat

$247, spent wisely, can have more of an impact than hundreds or thousands or millions of dollars in poorly designed programs. This money was given to me with trust and faith. It is my whole hearted intention to make sure that money is going to local businesses and people who are actively working to better their communities. I believe the more we give, the more will be returned to us. The Gift Economy is inexact, but I feel so grateful to be able to give and receive in such a free and loving way. I want to extend my thanks again to everyone who made this possible. YOU are a powerful giving force. Thank you!


A few more pictures on what the $60 to Jack’s farm goes to support…










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