Project Four: Character Sheet


This is a character sheet I made at Creation Flame’s Empowerment Retreat at the beginning of January. Besides breaking a board and an arrow, we created sheets that could track the progress of our “Avatars.”

At the top of mine, I wrote the maxim of a designer I have enormous respect and appreciation for. His wholistic goal is, “To be of maximum benefit to the most creatures for the longest time possible with minimum effort.”

Headquarters: Superhero Rootquarters (aka The Dead End)

Team members: Twin Beloved, Mr. Sirius, Nova Love, Jasper, WarriorHealerCircusYogi, Doc




IMAG0909Superpowers I Discovered

+organizing space (rearranging and accessibilizing tools, books, jars,

recyclables, furniture, spices, dishes, resources)

+ shapeshifting (assuming and adapting to responsibilities and expectations)

+ star reading (tracking the biodynamic constellations in calendars and comparing to the StarWalk app)

+ tonal spirit (fancy name for ukulele playing)

+ sleeping anywhere (makes traveling easier, well rested member!)

+ play (the first power any hero learns)

IMAG0910Short Term Missions:

+ 30 Day Rootquarter Reorganize

+Dead End House Meeting

+Code Compliant Fence

+April Theme: Play!

Long Term Missions:

+Learn about & practice harvesting livestock

+Co-teach PDC April 27-May 12

+Permaculture Design Flow April 5-7

+Himalayan Support Member

IMAG0913Skill Points Breakdown:

(Here is a standard for the effort it takes to obtain a skill point, my first point was in soil building, a 3 berm hugelkulture)

Trust & Respect: 10

Permaculture Ethics & Principles: 6

Design & Mapping: 7

Teaching & Facilitation: 9

Building & Carpentry: 6

Herbalism: 5

Chi & Energy: 7

Soil Building: 8

Physical Vocabulary: 8

Graphic Design: 2

Superheroing: 6

Compassionate Communication: 7

Animal Communication: 7

Open Book Financing: 3

Spanish: 5

Bike Mechanics: 2

Total: 98


IMAG0915I also kept track of other heroes who inspired me in each of the four Energies as Virtues (Thanks Superhero Training Academy for this teaching!) :

Joy: Power of the Heart

I see in my friends Shabd’ji, Sugar, and Paige

Fortitude: Inner Strength

I see in my friends WarriorHealerCircusYogi , Adam, and Sam

Wisdom: All Eyes Seeing

I see in my friends Wes, Sirius the Alchemist, and Lo’kee

Compassion: Service to Others

I see in my friends Story, Pyramid John, Ryan, and Jacob

Of course all my friends are inspiring, but I added these names after having a particular experience that resonated or left an impression. Thank you, heroes!!


IMAG0916Diploma Project:

At the end of this report, I will have completed 4 projects in just under a year. Yay!

Books Read:

+ Occult America: The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation by Mitch Horowitz

+ Education of the Child by Rudolf Steiner

I only included those books which I read completely from cover to cover. Others referenced include:

+Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment by Rudolf Steiner

+ Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall

+ The Ayurvedic Cookbook by Amadea Morningstar

+ Taxes in America: What everyone needs to know by Leonard E. Burman

+ Raw Cookbook by ?????

+ Chapter 5: Natural Cycle by Wilderness Awareness School

+ Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual by Bill Mollison

+ Book of Beginnings by ?????

+ The New Alchemists by ???? (circa 1971)


See what some of this means by looking at some pictures

Or read about the reflection

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