Project Phive Process Reflection

  1. Project report title: Project Phive: 2013 – Year of the Teacher



  1. Summarize how and why you organized this Project Output as presented (Reflect on your design, process, method and purpose):  It began in the first days of 2013 with an assumption by Theron in an email about an upcoming PDC at Creation Flame. That seed pushed me over the edge to really live into my growth zone. Now that there was a clear goal: teach this PDC! I could reverse engineer my time (A&A for places available to teach) to be the most effective facilitator possible. I did that twice – once with the PDC in Texas, and again with the PDEC in California. Since I was mostly in the Implement sector of direct-experience research, I thought a very simple outline of the year with accompanying pictures would accurately reflect my activities.


  1. How did this process go? At first I was only focusing on the main permaculture certification courses, but I realized I had material to show from various workshops and found myself expanding on what I did. There’s not a lot of explanation, just pictures of me teaching. I think that’s accurate for what happened – I got the experience that I needed, and I did it.
  1. What did you learn? I learned that I’ve come a long way in a single year, and that even though I was light on actual 2D designs, following my intuition and checking back with the process helped me reorganize and refocus in the moment. Also I’m really great at “bullshitting” and I need to be cognizant to give sincere and thoughtful answers.


  1. What tools did you use (An explanation of the technical side of creating this project report.  What software did you use? What digital literacy was required to put this together)? Wordpress, and linking to other sites.


  1. Did you find any people or tutorials particularly useful in creating this project report? Theron’s Eco-Pioneers diploma sector of the site is very helpful, and actually the first PDC output is just a link through his site. I followed his format and I think it turned out neat.


  1. How much time did you spend in creating this project report? The project report itself was created in under 8 hours.


  1. How well have did you showcase your learnings in this project report? Would you consider this project report satisfactory if it was prepared by another person? There’s almost no “explanation” or context. At first I thought I have to write out all these things, but the goal of the project report is just to show that I did the work – and the work was in the actual doing. These few pictures I think are telling and give a good feel to the work I did for the year.
  2. Any final reflections on your pathway integration and development? I documented both project 5 & 6 at the same time. I think a lot of the things I’m doing gravitate toward the experience and implementation side of things – kind of the same vein as getting a lot of input and understanding how things work directly, being in the flow before trying to conjure a flow that I have no experience with. Even though I’m at the two-year mark and have just completed 6 projects instead of 10, they have been enormously worthwhile and I can feel myself transforming and coming into my strengths as a facilitator.

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