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Burning Man was born a year before me in 1986. Buckminster Fuller, in his 1981 book Critical Path, insists that a design revolution must take place before 1989. The children of MOOP swooping, leave no trace, and radical expression have changed our culture to appreciate engineering design as well as style. Though I have yet to personally participate in a burn event, I can appreciate many of its ripples through the field.

I set up education space at two festivals this spring: Flowstorm, an event through Quilombo Paixao, and Texas Wild Rice Festival, near San Marcos Springs. Many core organizers for these festivals have been intimately connected with our permaculture courses, and certified through Theron Beaudreau.

+Flowstorm Schedule 2014

20140406_111805 20140406_111840

+Texas Wild Rice Festival Schedule

20140412_095619_Richtone(HDR) 20140412_080419_LLSA journal exerpt upon first hearing of the Buckminster Fuller $100,000 design challenge:

TWRF: Display an artifact that will spontaneously cause all of humanity to abandon their destructive habits


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