Semester Book List


Books Read From Cover to Cover Between January – June

Critical Path – Buckminster Fuller

“Any surface on which they scribed had to be a topological feature of a system… Systems always divide all Universe outside the system from all of the Universe inside the system.” -p.46


“Scientifically speaking… there are no directions “up” or “down” in Universe – there are only the angularly specifiable directions “in”, “out”, and “around”.. Our own misconditioned reflexes are powerful deterrents to our successful self-reorientation of our apprehending faculties to accord with the emerging truths.” -p.55


“In the effort to grow dividends to shareholders, engineering design was replaced with style design.”


“Most urgent scientific admonition towards successfully realizing any play is to take advantage of each of the trends and to develop them, no matter that it mat be in a novel manner, toward the advantage of the populace concerned.” -p.306


“…the war’s number one lessons, i.e., the advantage of employing science to satisfy needs stated as functions. Any economy… can out perform, per capita, any other economy in direct proportion to the degree of initial control in planning conceded to science by politics.” -p.307



Game of Universe: Individuality & Degrees of Freedom

537.41 We may define the individual as one way the game of universe could have eventuated to date. Universe is the omnidirectional, omnifrequency game of chess in which with each turn of the play there are 12 vectorial degrees of freedom: six positive and six negative moves to be made. This is a phenomenon of frequencies and periodicities. Each individual is a complete game of Universe from beginning to end. This is why each of us individuals is so much alike and yet completely different, a unique and individual way of playing the game with each of the omnidirectional degrees of freedom. With the six positive and six negative omnidirectional degrees of freedom moves to be made at each turn of the play, the individual can move to any cosmic point that is not occupied and can move back over the same points or move on to new ones. Intellect as “god” can play all these incredibly different games in all these different ways and at all the differential rates at the same time.


537.42 The individual differentiates the position in Universe. The six degrees of freedom operate at every turn of the play. Just think of the frequencies per second of each of the chemical elements that make up the individual human body and then think of the priorities of those frequencies.


537.43 That each individual is a complete integrity is one of the reasons I don’t have to make any effort in loving my fellow human. (In the first-person plural of we – even the I classes itself with the other. Each individual integrity has a steering effect, and like all steering effects, it goes from one (   ? ) to another. Certain individuals may be very mode aberrations from all the corruption that’s going on in Universe, acting as just one of (   ?)(   ?) and very wide aberrations so that Universe can hold its center. At that center (  ?) is the (   ?) and you turn inside out and only the tetrahedron turns inside out. The other side of the universe is not like the other side of the river – it is an inside-outing.


537.44 We regard each individual as the special case, but consciousness as the generalization. Like the bumper sticker, “The Real World is Special Case,” reality is special case. You and I are sitting here, and no one else can be sitting right where we are. This is the kind of reality that the newspapers (   ? ). They write about realities, as if we were all the same things. If you and I are sitting here, we couldn’t possibly be anywhere else.


537.45 There are many different realities. This is the difference between reality and generalization. There is only one generalization. The only reason the radio works is that it has no interference. The game of Universe can be played on any one of the fantastically large number of the quadrillions of frequencies; the game can be played any way just so long as there is no interference on the frequency you are using, so long as there are not two pieces in the same vector equilibrium at the same time.


537.46 What is important about the individual and important about the universe is that neither is exempt from any of the rules. Universe is the (  ? ) and the individual is special case. Universe is the aggregate of all the generalized principles. Each is individual is one of the illotes(?) of ways the game of Universe could be played.

Paramagnetism: Rediscovering Nature’s Secret Force of Growth – Phillip Callahan

“God probably has a hundred different ways of creating life, evolution being only one of them.”

Habibi – Craig Thompson

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