PINA’s Standards

This is the first report published since the standards released by +PINA proposing diploma accreditation.

As part of gathering feedback and integration, I’m adapting the evaluation criteria down a scale to a specific project report.

Evaluation Criteria


Self Reflection:

  1. [50/50] points for completion of project.
  2. [20/30] because the organizing principle of the report is a holistic context, and though I work on holistic goal setting, I have yet to read the Allan Savory source material.
  3. [10/10 ]Theory in action – though this is marginal in the rubric, this composes the bulk of my implementation
  4. [3/5] Publishing – though I am publishing through my own webpage, outreach is limited to personal emails. Facebook is a great social media tool, and I definitely could have more diversity and legitimacy in publishing organizations
  5. [5/5] Full score on empowering communities to take charge of their own resources.

Final score: 88/100

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