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You’ve found your way to my Permaculture Diploma Site.

What is a Permaculture Diploma? So glad you asked!

This is a little bit about what I’m aiming to achieve through this process. And who am I? My, you ask such good questions!

My name is Bright Sky. I am a superhero, traveling and cycling around America and beyond supporting communities, gardens, and planting both visible and invisible seeds, all while sharpening my permaculture design skills. What is permaculture? Golly, can’t put anything past you!

PERMACULTURE is a design method for creating sustainable communities, towns, cities, lifestyles, and, of course, agricultural systems. Design is anything that gets you from the current state to a preferred state. And half the fun is finding out what your preference is!

I took my PDC at Rak Tamachat in February 2012, and embarked on this two year diploma process in May of 2012. I am hoping to gain accreditation from the British Permaculture Association in early 2014.

This website is a catalog of my trials, failures, and triumphs. All in the name of LOVE for the earth, LOVE for the people, and LOVE for my ability to contribute to an expansively fascinating and mysterious existence.

Thanks for visiting!

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