Project Three

Cordage wrapped from plastic bags held my tent down


After Project Two being what we might consider a “cluckingclambouringcluster”

And me still on the move


I decided Project Three would be SIMPLE.


A Challenge:  To last 6 weeks as holistically as possible “producing no waste.”

Kitchen 5 Gallon Bucket for Composting

My paramter:I am responsible for all materials that I choose to or request a purchase, all body matter that my body produces, and any emotions or situations I am creating. (Interior Self, Exterior Self)

I figured I’d cover all the “self” quadrants.


In the end I had two plastic bottles (assumed BPA – one water, one ga-torade).



Human manure. Some say icky. I say, yay microbes

A few plastic bag cords.

A sense of  achievement.
What did I learn?


Practice, practice

Greywater bucket sink
“A start has to be made with the thoughts and feelings with which we continually live, and that these feelings and thoughts must merely be given a new direction.” –Rudolph Steiner

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