Project Two

I’ve decided to frame Project Two simply:

Life as a Superhero

My goal for this project report is to highlight the 2-month period from 22 July to 23 September in my rhythms as a superhero.

Some terms:

Superhero – Any being who intentionally serves in loving devotion.

Haul of Justice – A group of nonviolent heroes who prefer to ride bicycles and wear capes and tights in order to serve

Possibility Alliance – Now known also as Still Waters Sanctuary, the headquarters for the Haul of Justice, located in northern Missouri. An 80-acre, gift economy, petroleum and electricity free space based on radically simple living.

WeTheTrees – a crowdfunding website specifically for permaculture projects, launched in July of 2012 by Christian Shearer, a Haul of Justice member also known as Compashman (short for Compassionate Man)


Here is the edge where superhero meets permaculture.

We the Trees

A crowdfunding adventure in supporting heroics.

In early August, I decided to put up a campaign within a week of the launch of WeTheTrees. I had some mysteriously missing bike pieces, and wanted to make sure my bike was ready to go before Haul of Justice tour started in Columbiaville, MI on August 10. I had a time crunch, the campaign was only 5 days, but I was able to pull it off. I asked for $111 and recieved $256. This was really fortunate because I had some mishaps on the way to the ride that the extra funds were able to cover, as well as still give $60 to the service fund upon arriving.

Michigan Ride

22nd Haul of Justice ride, August through Michigan

The ride was called by Laughing Moon of Superhero Training Academy, and StarDust of the Possibility Alliance. It was my second bike tour with the Haul of Justice (this was my first), and as a veteran rider it was exciting for me to see both a familiar rhythm through ritual (Great Eyeball, Readings of the Great, Go Get ‘Em), as well as a whole shiny spectrum of new faces. It was so fulfilling to serve in such a positive and uplifting way surrounded by so many colors and smiles!

Austin Ride

Piecing it all together

Becoming my hero avatar in Austin was my Final Boss challenge. I returned to fuse heroics withw ecology, or, teach my first ever section at a Permaculture Design Course. I chose Nonviolent Communication because it is something that has helped me so strongly in my personal and professional life. And it is absolutely essential to be able to communicate, especially during design consulting and particularly in communities. As I engaged with the community, I noticed the people around me felt uplifted and inspired by my journey as a superhero. I decided as my final design for Project Two, I would take a small and slow leap into group facilitation through a 24 hour version of the Haul of Justice, to serve all my amazing superhero friends by creating the space for them to express their inner hero!




“Service is love made visible” – Rudolph Steiner

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