Project Four: A Hero Finds Her City


Batman has Gotham, Superman has Metropolis, Green Arrow has Star City. As fantastic as the colorful heroes of our comics appear, equal is the depth of their connection to their homes – cities of citizens, both powerful and powerless, tapestries of alignment, both good and evil, lawful and chaotic.

Their paths take them on fractal lines of interaction with their allies and shadows, evolving through the richness of satisfaction from embodying a genuine, personal ethic that is tied to a cape.

My avatar, Bright Sky, she who appreciates the many forms of the same essence, resides in the 3D world of Austin, Texas.

Austin is a city of heroes.

And surely, anytime there is a gathering of heroes, those villians who would wound the light are attracted to the magnetic anomalies of peace and harmony.

There is a Feng Shui strategy that recommends keeping 9 gold fish – one of them black, eight gold. If a fish dies, that means it has absorbed some bad chi that would otherwise have come into our household, our environment, our cities. Replace the fish to keep the number at 9.

And like the fish, we can hold up our own shadows to be sacrificed, and regenerate through our connection to the Source of our powers. That connection starts with the trust and respect of our families.

Because there are gardens to plant. There are whiteboards to fill. There are curries to cook. There is music to vibrate your rib cage and bike trails to fly down and wildflowers in red and blue. There is compost to make and turn and smell and seeds to start and smiles to trade and the crystals that will rock your vibratory essence throughout the entire resonant matrix of associations. There is that first leaf of green that yields a triumphant crunch after it makes its way, in less than a third of a second, from the roots in your soil to the palate of your tongue.

You are an honored member. Whether or not you wear a cape, you capture the ecstatic creative regenerative universal force and emit an equally powerful beacon.

I’m glad we’re in this together








Bonus! Awesome Left Handed Flow Chart!